Welcome To Tava Commercial Group

What we do ?

We source your needed products within our focused areas such as Minerals, Agriculture and petrochemicals.

Our locations

Turkey, UAE (Dubai) , Oman and Iran are the countries that we are in and we can source from.

What is our advantage?

Simplifying sourcing, purchase and transportation process from our focused countries based on the customer needs.


Some countries are easier to trade in and some of them are difficult. When it comes to difficult ones, you should have some local experts and reliable connections to be on your side.

With many years of experience in the fields of Mining and Metallurgy, Petrochemicals and agriculture, Tava commercial group and its affiliates are here to aid you dealing with Turkey and Iran market.

Tava Group is the main investor and owner of the factories on the fields of its activation. To be familiar with our activities you can visit our departments page.

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